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I don't call it my iPoop for nothing.

I figured what better way to begin a blog about all things music than with a discussion (read: rant) about what is arguably the epitome of musical transportation and storage - the iPod.

Let me just say that, when they were a new phenomenon, I absolutely refused to get an iPod or an MP3 player in general. I consider myself a music purist and replacing my cds with a digitial file seemed wrong ... sacriligious, even. Unfortunately, when you're as big of a music nerd as I am and you have over a thousand cds in your collection, transportation becomes difficult, especially with all of the moving that I was doing.

So, I have no qualms about it now although my sacrificing my musical morals for convienence makes me feel dirty. And I guess, in a way, I got my karmic payback when the iPod turned out to be the shittiest, most evil piece of technology ever put out by apple. (And that's pretty damn impressive ... they are makers of the Mac, after all.) I had to replace my fourth generation iPod five times. Five. Why? Because it would do cute little things like refuse to play songs all the way through and some not at all. Blank out my ratings. Freeze about every three seconds, especially when I used the skip button. (Oh, how my iPoop hated it when I skipped songs!)

But my favorite (and most frequent) complaint was when it would, for no reason whatsoever, decide to erase my entire music collection. And, the Apple service being the stellar being that it is, when I would call and register this complaint, I would be told to restart it ... restore it ... PEOPLE, I AM NOT AN IDIOT, I did the easy stuff years ago. And besides, restoring the iPod is not going to magically fix its shitty hardware.

Then, for Christmas, I get the 80gb iPod video. It wasn't a good sign when I started to put my music on it and it told me that I did not have the "rights" to play an Unwritten Law song from an album which I own. Um??? Then, about two weeks after I got it, the screen decided to shit out on me. It displayed lots of pretty colors, but no visible text. That's bad omen #2. Apple, for all of their faults, is good at replacing their crap products, so I have a new one but, thus far, the only good thing about the stupid iPoop is that it's colorful ... and even that gets old pretty quick.

So, I ask ... why do I continue to buy Apple products? Oh, that's right. Because I'm a tool. I know Steph has a new video iPod, as well ... maybe she'll have better luck than I.



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